Online Payments

We are thrilled to introduce online payments at Taps ‘N Toes.

Please be aware that online tuition payments require an additional $3 charge per transaction. Each payment must be submitted independently.

**A Quick Note About Online Payments**

Please use the SHIPPING INFORMATION section to include your dancer’s name and class time. If you are purchasing recital tickets, please put your recital day/time in the SHIPPING INFORMATION section.

If you have any questions about online payments, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Recital Ticket ($10)

First Payment of the Year ($110 total)

$90 Online Payment

$15 Late Fee

One Class Per Week ($60)

Two Classes Per Week ($120)

Three Classes Per Week ($180)

Unlimited Monthly Tuition ($220)

$270 Payment

$400 Payment

$440 Payment

$100 Payment

LC Payment